MBA868 How to Approach Launch Partners & Affiliates
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Done right, partnerships and affiliations can add an incredible boost to your product launches. By tying yourself to a whole new audience, you can sell exponentially more! So how should you choose your partners? More importantly, how can you make sure they choose you? Today, we lay out our exact strategy for bringing partners on board and forging alliances in which everyone wins. It’s systematic, relatively simple, and takes the pressure off of your potential partners so that “yes” seems like the only answer! This is the exact strategy we’re using to establish launch partnerships for the upcoming debut of WebinarNinja 5.0. The philosophy behind it is simple: while we do want something from our potential partners, we don’t approach them with a request. We approach them with an offer, emphasizing how the relationship will benefit them. Crucially, we also create partnership “packages” of marketing materials, so our partners have very little to do. Hear all about our system, apply it to your business, and take…