MBA1062 How to Create a Simple Marketing & Sales System PT2 + Free Ride Friday!
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You’ve marketed. You’ve built your audience. You’ve grown your contact list. Now it’s time to sell. In Part I of our sales + marketing tutorial, we took you through the process of driving traffic to your website, capturing leads, and setting yourself up to move some product. Today, we discuss exactly how to convert those leads into sales, finally seeing bottom-line results. It’s all been leading up to this! With our easy-to-follow, systematized approach, you can cast a wide net for sales through various channels. Grounded in the strength of your marketing efforts, you can leverage the reputation you’ve already built with your audience into actual commerce. With your “relationships” to your audience established, there’s only one thing left to do: demonstrate that the value of your product exceeds the price. We’ll show you how — Click Play!