MBA1067 Affiliate Program Pitfalls + Free Ride Friday!
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Affiliate marketing can go either way. Done right, it can be a revenue-boosting, word-spreading win that moves your business forward. Done wrong, it can be a total scam. Today, we discuss what can go badly with affiliate marketing. Trust us; we’ve learned the hard way. There are a few all-too-common pitfalls, mistakes people unknowingly make that turn a good thing into a nightmare. We’ll show you what they are, so you can avoid them — or at least know what to do if bad things happen anyway. There are good reasons we’re so selective about when and with whom we choose to affiliate. While the opportunities for growth are undeniable, the opportunities for abuse are significant. When it goes well, you come away with fantastic new exposure. But when it goes poorly, you can find yourself at a loss — or even worse, ripped off. Listen in, and go into your next (or first) affiliate relationship with the knowledge you need. Click Play!