MBA1034 How to Market When You’re Starting From Scratch
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You have no contact lists, no followers, no fans, nada. How in the heck are you supposed to start marketing? Everyone starts somewhere. Today, we discuss how to jump-start your marketing efforts from Square One. You can build a foundation from next-to-nothing, if you know how to use your resources wisely. Before you spend a dime on paid ads, listen to this episode. That’s not to say paid advertising is a waste. However, you need to set your strategy up in a way that maximizes the ROI of every cent you put into those ads. You need to lay your marketing groundwork in a way that makes every ad more likely to convert and lead to sales. This episode features the strategies, resources, and tools you need to make it happen. Some of the best things are made from scratch. As in the rest of business, sometimes the most important move you can make is to just. get. started. Click Play!