MBA999 5 Email Promotion Tips To Increase Sales
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Email, email, email. We never miss an opportunity to point out that email is king when it comes to online marketing and sales. Because the recipient has to opt in to receive it, and because every email requires some action to resolve (even if it’s just to delete), emails are your best chance to be seen, heard, and understood. When you’re running a sales promotion, every facet of your email has to be precisely crafted with strategy in mind — from the subject line to the sign-off. Whether you’re launching a new business, launching a new product, or just having a sale, every aspect of your email matters. Today, we discuss 5 phenomenal tips for optimizing your sales campaign emails. Write them down, stick them somewhere visible, and refer to them every time you run a promotion. We cover everything that makes an email campaign work: timing and frequency, design, content, and follow-up. These principles can apply to any kind of sales campaign, for any type of business. Learn the strategy, and watch the results…