MBA1052 Starting a Blog From Scratch P2 + Free Ride Friday!
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If you’re not blogging, you’re not marketing. Yesterday, we took a look at how to establish your blogging goals, and how to systematize your writing schedule for maximum effectiveness. Today, we discuss the down-and-dirty technical aspects of starting a blog, from choosing the best platform to leveraging your content into conversions. With the “why” of your blog established, it’s time for your content to do the job of attracting visitors, capturing leads, and ultimately creating customers. Whether you’re a beginner who only needs a basic blogging service, or if you’re ready to jump into complex CMS (content management systems) with advanced features, we’ve got the low-down on the tools you need. By putting the quality and usefulness of your content first, you can earn the loyalty of your readers. By getting the technical aspects right, you can widen your reach to even more readers — the kind who buy. Click Play!