MBA1031 Is Google AdWords Marketing Dead?
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Google AdWords: is the party over? There was a time when AdWords was everything: a valuable, cost-effective way to get your website to the top of the results page without all that pesky manual SEO. Massive chunks of marketing budgets were devoted to paying per click, and as the value of AdWords became more and more apparent, the pricing became more and more…let’s say, exclusive. That was then. This is now. These days, more marketing attention (and dollars) are devoted to other marketing channels, like social media. Has the cost of AdWords finally outpaced the value? Are you better off crushing it on Instagram than throwing money at Google? Today, we discuss the relative value of AdWords in today’s online marketing climate. In some situations, you may find AdWords is worth every penny. In others, not so much. Find out if AdWords can (still) work for you. Click Play!