MBA1115 Q&A Wednesday: I have too many ideas for my business. How do I implement them all?
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Entrepreneurs have active minds. Our brains are always coming up with new ways to innovate, grow, and evolve. Ideas, as they say, are a dime a dozen — but only if they’re not executed in the real world. So how can you make sure you’re getting the most out of your ideas? How can you keep up with your own busy brain? Today, we’re offering a solution. We’ve got a super-efficient, time-effective system for organizing all your random ideas, weeding out the duds, prioritizing the ones with the most potential, and implementing them. This idea-management formula won’t just save you time, it’ll keep you from wasting (or forgetting) your best and brightest notions. All it takes is a simple, convenient spreadsheet, and a little time each week. We’ve used this system for years, and it’s served us very, very well. Get through the most ideas in the least time. Turn your a-ha moments into actionable plans. Don’t leave your ideas sitting where they’ll do the least good: in your head. Do something with them! Click Play!