MBA1087 How to Make the Most of a Slow Month in Sales + Free Ride Friday!
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September 7, 2018
Every business has its slow season. But just because you’re not swamped with sales, it doesn’t mean you can’t sustain your revenue and continue to grow your business! It’s possible to maintain both your revenue and your momentum through the slow periods, with a little bit of strategy. Even with fewer customers on a month-to-month basis, you can still meet quarterly and annual goals. Even better, you can use the downtime to make smart investments in your business that will pay off when sales pick up again. Today, we discuss how to use your time wisely when sales are below average. We discuss several ways you can rev up your professional and business development when other areas of the business are slow. We show you how to come out of a weak sales period rejuvenated, better prepared, and ready to make the busy season busier than ever. Hear how it’s done. Click Play!