MBA1103 Guest Teacher: Kate Erickson- How podcasting can help grow your business
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You know that podcasting is a powerful marketing tool. You know it can build brand awareness and accelerate the growth of your business. You know it works. You’re just not sure how, exactly. Well, we’ve got the special guest teacher for you. Kate Erickson is an authority on podcasting, having helped turn the EOFire (that’s Entrepreneurs On Fire) podcast into a multi-million dollar revenue generator. She’s also one of the brains behind Podcaster’s Paradise, the next-level podcast training program. Kate’s here to show us 5 ways you can grow your business through podcasting. With these 5 totally actionable, totally achievable tips, you can stop dreaming and start ‘casting. But instead of simply talking into the mic, you can structure and promote your podcast in a way that’s specifically geared towards business growth. Create something that will draw listeners. Turn those listeners into customers. Learn how to get your message out over the digital airwaves — and get access to a fee resource, courtesy of Kate.…