MBA1025 Q&A Wednesday: Where can I hire great remote team members?
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We’d say remote teams are the future, but they’re already here. More and more, smart entrepreneurs are taking advantage of a whole planet’s worth of talent, as the Internet erases borders and puts top-notch talent at your fingertips. In fact, the only problem with remote workers is that there’s just too many of them. So how do you find the good ones? Today, we discuss where to find the best in the (remote) business, whatever your business is, at whatever budget you’re working with. From posting on the right websites, to narrowing and filtering the results effectively, to identifying the characteristics of the truly valuable hires, we show you how it’s done. We should know! Our remote team is spread across the globe, from the US to Australia to Asia and beyond. It took a few years of experience, but we’ve learned how to find exactly who we need — wherever they are. Tune in, and find the self-managing, tech-savvy, modern remote “keepers” your business deserves. Click Play!