MBA1018 Must Read: Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins
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Every once in a while, go back to the classics. Tony Robbins is one of the original “self-help gurus.” While that kind of title might be scoffed at by some, the substance of his work is real and valuable. His 1986 book Unlimited Power isn’t some meaningless collection of affirmations — it’s a practical, smart guide to maximizing your potential. It’s one of Robbins’ all-time best-sellers, and for good reason. Many (including our host, Omar) have been profoundly influenced as business people by this book. Omar himself has read and re-read it multiple times, synthesizing the lessons within. Today, we share the key takeaways. We get it: some people take Robbins more seriously than others. But even if you’re not into self-help, this book is full of actionable, business-applicable insights. 3 concepts in particular from this book can totally realign your understanding of entrepreneurship for the better. Hear what we mean — Click Play!