Bonus: Guest Teacher John Lee Dumas – Master Productivity, Discipline & Focus
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Get the most from your time! John Lee Dumas is a productivity expert, having taught countless entrepreneurs how to get things done through EOFire, The Freedom Journal, Podcaster’s Paradise, and his newest release: The Mastery Journal. Today, he’s here to give us a breakdown of the fundamental concepts behind the Mastery Journal, and help us reach peak productivity. With the right planning, execution, and reflection, we can all make hay while the sun shines. Dumas lays out the core principles behind his approach to productivity, including the best methods for plotting your schedule. For Dumas, it’s not about how much work you do. It’s about how effective your work is. Strategic breaks, tips on prioritization, and anti-distraction tactics abound in this fantastic bonus episode. Do right by your business— click play!