MBA1090 Q&A Wednesday: How do I make my employees stay committed to my team?
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September 12, 2018
Even for entrepreneurs, business is a team sport. So how can you keep your best players loyal to the squad? How do you inspire commitment over months and years? How do you create motivation beyond your employees’ paychecks, so they want to give their best? How do you keep them around? Employee loyalty can be one of your greatest assets. Frequent turnover of your staff wastes time, money, and resources as you scramble to hire and train. Every cent you spend on your employees is more than just the price of their work — it’s an investment in their future with you. Don’t lose that investment. Instead, do what it takes to see returns. Today, we discuss how to keep your employees on the team. It has less to do with money, and more to do with creating an environment in which team members feel valued, respected, and integral to the success of the company. Learn how to create allies, not just employees. Click Play!