MBA1093 Guest Teacher: Michael Koral – The Right Sales Funnel For Any Small Business
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September 17, 2018
It’s time to toss the funnel. Yes, that funnel; the marketing and sales funnel that’s been the gospel of online business strategists for just a little too long. While the premise of attracting an audience, converting that audience into leads, and turning those leads into customers is still valid, the one-size-fits-all approach needs a little refining. Let’s build a new funnel. Actually, let’s build several. Every business should create a unique path — or set of paths — from awareness of your business to the final purchase. It should be less of a funnel, and more of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book (remember those?). Today, special guest Michael Koral stops by to explain the new way to move consumers towards the goal line. Koral is the head of customer acquisition at Needls, and he’s here with a whole new way to attract, convert, and close. Not only does he explain his more effective funneling strategy, he also recommends specific software tools you can use to implement and track your marketing and sales…