MBA1132 How Often Do You Need to Meet with Your Team? + Free Ride Friday!
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Meetings: is there anyone who actually likes them? For most businesses, meetings are a must, at least occasionally. Very rare is the business in which the team never gets together, either virtually or in person. However, too many meetings are just as dangerous as too few. So what’s the right frequency for your business? Today, we discuss how to determine exactly how often to meet. From the daily “Stand Up” to the monthly get-together, we’ve seen dozens of different approaches, with varying degrees of success. Balancing the need for communication with the need for efficiency can be a tricky proposition, one with serious impact on the morale and productivity of your team. Our formula for creating your team’s meeting schedule can help you establish a fair, groan-free system for catching up together, and then getting back to work. With a little forethought, you can keep everyone on the same page, without taking away from your employees’ independence. Click Play!