MBA1083 Guest Teacher: Jakob Heuser- Learning & Development on a Shoestring Budget
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September 3, 2018
Your business is only as good as your team. So how can you keep your team at the top of their game? Jakob Heuser is an engineer and instructor who’s built successful teams at companies like LinkedIn and Pinterest. HIs human-centered approach to professional development starts with the learner and makes instruction more relevant and efficient. Today, he’s here to share 3 strategies any business owner can use to educate their employees — for very little cost. Like your business, if your team members aren’t growing, they’re stagnating. A commitment to consistently reaching new plateaus is crucial to maintaining a dynamic, agile team capable of evolving with the company. Find out how to keep your employees at maximum skill level on a minimal budget. Learn how to find the time and resources necessary to invest in your people, and watch the results help sustain your business. Click Play!