MBA962 Low Priced vs. High Priced Products + Free Ride Friday!
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Go high, or go low? When it comes to the price of your product, the decision you make will dictate your approach to everything from marketing to sales to customer service. While both the high-end and the affordable markets have their ups and downs, each comes with unique challenges and totally different customer expectations. Today, we discuss all the factors involved in deciding whether to pursue the Mercedes or the Honda crowd. Low-cost products like Netflix and Spotify subscription services make billions, but involve certain risks and depend almost entirely on rapid scaling. Apple and Tesla can charge as much as they want, but each customer they earn is harder to acquire — and more devastating to lose. Learn how your goals, strategies, and overall outlook will be different according to the price range of your products. Whether you’re choosing your path, or simply trying to maximize your profits with either approach, this episode’s for you. PS: It’s FREE RIDE FRIDAY!!! Click Play!