MBA1053 Guest Teacher: Dr Tyson E Franklin – The 6 Pillars of Marketing
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Let’s take a step back. Let’s look at marketing differently. A rounded, grounded approach to marketing is a powerful thing. By planning your marketing strategy around certain universal principles, you can maximize its effects. By taking advantage of all the available channels, you can diversify your marketing efforts for much better results. But first, you have to understand what marketing is. Today, special guest teacher Dr. Tyson E. Franklin stops by to discuss his 6 “pillars” of marketing. Franklin is a down-to-Earth business teacher whose focus on practical application makes advanced marketing concepts actionable. His broken-down approach is perfect for anyone ready to up their marketing game. This episode is full of practical tips, so get your notepad ready! Rather than focusing on a single marketing channel, Franklin shows us how to find marketing opportunities everywhere, including offline. This advice is easy to follow and implement, but the results can be extraordinary. Click Play!