MBA1111 4 Movies That Will Make You Re-Think Your Business
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Movies offer some of the best lessons in life and business. No, we’re not talking about Wall Street (though that’s a really good one, too). We’re talking about movies that aren’t the biggest blockbusters, but that have some of the deepest insights into the true nature of entrepreneurship. We’re talking about movies that can genuinely make you a better entrepreneur. These 4 movies are the top of our list, the films that have so much to say about business itself that they’re as vital as any of the “Must-Read” books we regularly feature on this podcast. Some are well-known, some not so much. But all can make you reevaluate how you run your own company, big or small. Who says professional development is all about reading books and listening to your favorite podcast? The struggles, successes, ups, and downs of the entrepreneurs featured in these films reflect the same things we all face in struggling to make our dreams reality. Check out our list, pop the corn, and get ready — Click Play!