MBA881 The Working While Traveling Experiment P2: Making Time to Work & Play
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Can it be done? We’re continuing our great experiment with the ultimate entrepreneurial dream: working while seeing the world. We’re building towards one of the biggest project launches of our lives (the release of our webinar software, WebinarNinja 5.0), but that’s not stopping us from touring our way across Europe and the USA before heading home to sunny Sydney— and we’re taking you along for the ride. 8 weeks, 15 cities, and countless challenges await! Join us as we navigate the pitfalls of running a business while on the move. On this episode (part 2 of our 8-part series) we’re in Italy, dividing our time between Milan and Florence. We discuss how to strike the perfect work/leisure balance, scheduling time and managing workloads to get the job done while still seeing the sights. Staying in touch with your team, optimizing your schedule around local business hours, and finding the right workspace are all covered. We show you how to make and execute a work/travel plan that keeps you on track, but leaves…