MBA1068 Must Read: A Life in Parts by Bryan Cranston
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We all remember Breaking Bad as the tale of a plucky (if desperate) “entrepreneur” of sorts. But the story of Walter White is just one chapter in an even more incredible rise to the top: the story of actor Bryan Cranston. Before he became The One Who Knocks, Cranston had to make a career decision to which many of us can relate: whether to take the safe, predictable route, or take a chance on his own version of success — one with no guarantees. As he put it in his incredible memoir, A Life in Parts, Cranston chose to pursue something he enjoyed, however difficult it might be. Cranston’s story is the ultimate entrepreneur’s journey. Choosing to hone a craft, pay your dues, and take risks that most avoid is exactly what independent business people do. The resolve, patience, and bootstrapping attitude it takes to become not just famous, but trusted and respected, is something all of us need for our own independent careers. Tune in to our review of this Must-Read book, and hear what you can learn from TV’s most…