MBA1112 5 iPhone Launch Strategies to Apply to Your Business + Free Ride Friday!
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If you haven’t heard, Apple does a pretty decent job of selling iPhones. So what can we as entrepreneurs learn from the king of the tech sector? Apple just launched the the iPhones XS, XS Max, and XR. This is something Apple does every year, and every year they use strategies worth taking note of. Today, we break down those strategies, and show you how you can use them to sell anything. What most people don’t notice, or appreciate, is the careful planning and well-thought marketing logic behind each and every iPhone launch. But of course, entrepreneurs aren’t most people. So we’re going to get deep into the how’s and why’s of what Apple does, so we can emulate that success on a smaller scale. Apple controls the vast — vast — majority of the global smartphone market. How are they doing this? How are they convincing so many people to buy (very expensive) products? Learn how to build the hype like Apple. Learn how to ride the buzz to record sales. Take a note from the best, and see how far you can go. Plus,…