MBA1100 Q&A Wednesday: How do I know I can trust my customer support team with my company’s financials?
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September 26, 2018
It’s a question every growing business has to face once they scale: can I trust new team members with sensitive information? It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one listener is in exactly that pickle. Support staff in particular need to have access to banking details and other info you’d like to keep in-house. Is it a security risk? Are there ways to keep your information safe while still serving your customers efficiently? We’ve got good news. If your support system is set up right, the chances of staff doing something nefarious with your financials is extremely low. More to the point, it’s way easier to rectify (extremely rare) breaches of trust committed by support staff than it is to make up for poor customer service. You simply can’t afford to handicap support staff out of irrational fear. To put it another way: support and service have to come first — but there are perfectly safe ways to manage both priorities. There are scads of tools you can use to limit your staff’s access to company financials in a way that…