MBA930 Q&A Wednesday: I don’t get the whole customer avatar thing. Do I just make one up?
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It’s marketing 101: the “customer avatar,” also known as the “buyer persona.” In theory, every business keeps an imaginary customer in mind when crafting…well, everything. From the product itself to the marketing content, everything is designed with the aim of pleasing this avatar, this stand-in for your potential customers. But who is this person? And how do you create them? That’s the topic of this week’s listener Q&A. We help one $100 MBA fan identify the key characteristics of his customer avatar by taking a radical approach: thinking of an actual customer! You don’t have to work your imagination too hard when real people do a fantastic job of representing themselves We discuss how to mine your real-world customers and contacts for avatar info, so that you can tailor what you do for maximum appeal. Learn how to craft the ultimate buyer persona: Click Play!