MBA1030 Q&A Wednesday: Is Starting a YouTube Channel a Good Idea?
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Are videos the new blogs? Many marketing experts have pointed out that YouTube is the world’s second-biggest search engine, but does that mean every entrepreneur needs to break out the tripod and start filming? It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one of our listeners wants to get a sense of the ROI for YouTube. Given the potential effects on branding, SEO, and all-around exposure, many entrepreneurs wonder if it’s foolish not to have a YouTube channel promoting their business. Of course, producing regular, quality videos is no small effort. Is it worth it? Today, we discuss the value (and costs) of YouTube marketing. We explain how creating quality content works, how to leverage that content, and why it might be a crucial investment (depending on your business, of course). We also discuss the limits of YouTube marketing. Decide if the video-sharing platform is right for you. Click Play!