MBA883 The Working While Traveling Experiment P4: Learning From Businesses Abroad
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What can the best Italian meal of your life teach you about running a business? How can the warmth of a Sicilian barista inform your customer service philosophy? How much can you grow as an entrepreneur by consciously, thoughtfully enjoying the world beyond your borders? We’re finding out in this week’s podcast. It’s week 4 or our 8-week trek across the globe, and we’ve got another incredible in-depth lesson to share. Last week, we discussed how enlightening certain tourist experiences can be for an entrepreneur. This week, we’re taking a look at what you can learn specifically from other businesses abroad. How is business philosophy different around the world? What foreign perspectives and practices can inform your approach to business? What can you bring home that will make your company stand out? We’re in Sicily, eating, drinking, and lodging our way to a better understanding of how business works. With the launch of our unparalleled new software just around the corner, we’re learning about customer…