MBA906 5 Things I Learned From 5 People in 2017
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December 18, 2017
It’s that time of year! No, not that. Even better: it’s time to reveal this year’s 5 lessons from 5 of the greatest business teachers around! Every year, we choose 5 entrepreneurs whose unique approaches, strategies, and styles inspired us, educated us, and made us better business people — whether they knew it or not. Some of them we know personally. Some of them, we’re just fans of. But whatever the case, their choices informed our business, as well as the personal entrepreneurial development of our host, Omar. We learned from them, and so can you. These 5 special individuals have no idea we’ve been studying their work so intensely. We have no arrangement with them to be the subject of this podcast, for sponsorship or any other purpose. In fact, they don’t find out how much they’ve taught us until the day the episode airs! They are simply the people whose examples were of the greatest genuine value to us — and we’re hoping, to you. Some are writers. Some are software developers. One is a comedian who…