MBA1168 Must Read- Disney U by Doug Lipp
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December 31, 2018
Business doesn’t get any bigger than Disney. How did a patch of swampland in central Florida become one of the biggest revenue-generators in the history of American industry? It all starts with the employees, and how they’re motivated. This week’s Must-Read for entrepreneurs is Doug Lipp’s Disney U, a book that details the strategy behind the theme park’s success. Disney park employees — ahem, “cast members” — are trained and continually encouraged to keep the magic flowing. Importantly, it’s not just about procedures. It’s about mindset. Learn how company culture and values form the bedrock of any business’ success. See the inner workings of Disney employee training, and get a textbook example of how the team’s happiness is the best predictor of its productivity. Apply the Disney U strategy to your company, and see how much more fruitful your employees can be. Click Play!