MBA936 Top 5 Cities For Digital Nomads
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Location independence is a beautiful thing. If you work online, you’re free to live where you want, when you want. That leaves you with literally a world of choices. That’s a good problem to have — but it’s still a problem! What should you look for in an international location? Is it safe? Can you afford it? Is there wifi? We’ve done some extensive traveling, even as we built our businesses, so we know what online entrepreneurs are looking for when it comes to finding your next “home” abroad. Today, we discuss the five most attractive international cities for digital nomads. We review each one in terms of the metrics that matter most to would-be expatrepreneurs: value, safety, things to do, and yes, internet speed. From weather to nightlife, we cover the ups and downs of these increasingly popular locations. Find out where to hang your hat (and your laptop bag) next. Click Play!