MBA1204 Why Integrations Are Good For Business
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February 19, 2019
Every barrier between your customers and your product is an opportunity for lost business. One of the easiest ways to remove those barriers? Integration. Whether you’re selling a course, software, or even a physical product, integrations are and important key to closing, onboarding, and retaining customers. The more apps your products work with, the bigger your customer base — and the easier it is for customers to stick around. Today, we discuss how to use integrations to make your business “sticky.” Not only will you integrate your product with popular common apps, you’ll integrate your product into the normal daily lives of your customers. By tying your product to “household name” applications, you give it a seamless place in the consumers’ day-to-day. Find out how to look for integration opportunities, and tie your business to the applications your audience is already comfortable with. Click Play!