MBA1163 Must Read: To Sell Is Human by Daniel Pink
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December 24, 2018
No matter what your independent business is, you have to be a sales person. E-commerce, SaaS, freelancing, artisan pretzel-making; whatever the business, you can’t escape the need for salesmanship. It is everything, even if you don’t consider yourself a “sales person” in the conventional sense. Articulating your idea and persuading others to buy in is the essence of business itself, big or small. Fortunately, this week’s Must-Read for entrepreneurs can show you how. To Sell Is Human rejects the stigma of salesmanship as scammy or used-car-dealer-y, instead explaining the inherent dignity and necessity of the art. It’s not just customers you sell to — it’s your network, your team, even your family and friends. If you can’t sell your vision, you simply can’t do business. Learn how necessary selling is, even if you don’t have a sales team. Click Play!