MBA1212 How To Avoid Chargebacks + Free Ride Friday!
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Chargebacks are a hot topic of inquiry these days. With banks and credit card companies pledging to stand by their customers no matter what, it’s way too easy for someone to force a refund — even when they’re in the wrong. In this climate, knowing how to avoid these chargebacks is a necessary skill. No entrepreneur can manage their revenue stream if it runs in reverse! Plus, too many chargebacks makes payment processors nervous, and potentially unwilling to work with your business. So what can you do? Today, we discuss how to steer clear of chargeback situations, plus what to do when you find yourself in one. The hard truth is that customers prevail in the vast majority of disputes, so heading them off is your best defense. With our tips, you can minimize the number of chargebacks requested, so you don’t waste time and money fighting them. Protect your revenue and your business. Click Play!