MBA1037 Do You Need a Personal Website? + Free Ride Friday!
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Your business has a website, promoting your brand and product. But do you as an entrepreneur need another website, to promote…y’know, you? Many business owners maintain separate websites about themselves, giving potential customers a deeper look into their motivations, outlook, and the bigger context of their businesses. But is this really necessary? Can the choice to market yourself make or break your company? Our host Omar has set himself a special challenge: over the next month, he’s going to build his own personal website, and test the benefits thereof. Today, we discuss the potential advantages, as well as the challenges that come with creating and maintaining a personal site. Omar shares details on exactly how he’s building, what resources he’s using, and — most importantly — what he expects to get out of it. Tune in, and hear why so many entrepreneurs take the time to present themselves separately from their businesses. Plus, it’s FREE RIDE FRIDAY!!! Click Play!