MBA1134 3 Steps to Gain 10 Productive Hours This Week
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November 13, 2018
Time is more valuable than money — and we’ve only got so much. What would you be willing to trade for substantially more time, each and every week? Today, we’ve got 3 steps you can take to drastically increase your time by drastically improving your productivity. These aren’t simple “hacks” or fluffy life lessons; they’re challenging acts of commitment that pay off big. These are things we do ourselves, and even though it’s not always easy, it’s always worth it. Imagine what you can do with 10 extra hours per week: professional development, new projects, or just plain relaxing! It is possible to squeeze more and more precious time from even the busiest schedule, if you apply certain principles — and avoid some time-sucking bad habits. Try these strategies for just one week, and see what a difference they can make! Click Play!