MBA1026 How Often Do You Need to Upgrade Your Computer?
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To do the best job, you need the right tools. But even the best tools don’t last forever. If you’re like us, your business depends on your computer. Whether you’re on a desktop or laptop, Mac or PC, your computer is your primary weapon in the fight for independent success. It has to work, through thick and thin. What you spend on your computer can vary, but the ROI is undeniable. But when is it time to upgrade? And what should you buy next? Depending on your current hardware, it may be a long time before you have to accept the expense of a whole new rig. Depending on your business, you may require features and functionality beyond the average web surfer’s. And like all purchases, you get what you pay for. Today we discuss how to decide what you need, and when you need it. We’ve been through quite a few computers in our day, so we have some idea of how long they (should) last. Plus, we offer tips and tools on extending the longevity of your computer, however long you plan to keep it. Click Play!