MBA872 Guest Teacher Matt Bodnar- High Leverage Thinking
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What’s the difference between hard work and success? Leverage! Many people work hard— heck, most people do. But for hard work to become true and lasting profit requires an extra ingredient. It requires an efficiency of effort that maximizes the impact of every second you spend. It requires an approach to business that isn’t just big-picture; it’s HUGE picture! On this episode of the podcast, we’ve got a special expert on hand to tell us all about it: ScienceofSuccess founder and Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient Matt Bodnar. Bodnar knows a thing or two about leverage. He’s studied the success of everyone from Rockefeller to Gates, looking for patterns of thought and behavior that are universal keys to success. His “High Leverage Thinking” model centers on the relationship between time and the creation of value. By focusing on bedrock decision-making skills and effective delegation, you can make yourself successful in any industry, no matter how it or the overall economy changes. By studying foundational…