MBA1172 How To Sell Your Online Business + Free Ride Friday!
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You built it. It succeeded. Now, it’s time to cash in. Maybe you want to retire, or devote yourself to a whole new project. Whatever the reason, saying goodbye to your successful independent business is no easy decision. It’s important to end this chapter on the best terms, with an exit you can be proud of. So what comes next? You’ve got to find a buyer, one that’s willing to do right by your business. You’ve got to sell it for what it’s worth, getting a worthy return on your massive investment of time and sweat. You’ve got to leave knowing your baby is in good hands, and that you’ve gotten what you deserve for creating it. Today, we discuss how to set your business up for sale. Whether you’re ready to put it on the market now, or just thinking of your long-term future, you can do things for your business that give it more curb appeal. We explain what buyers look for, and how to make the transition as logistically smooth as possible. Bid your business a fond farewell — Click Play!