MBA917 How Much Does It Cost To Sponsor a Major Conference? + Free Ride Friday!
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Is it worth it? That’s the first question you should ask yourself about any marketing expense, especially a significant one like sponsoring a major conference. Between the cost of the actual sponsorship, and the associated costs like travel and materials, it can add up. But the potential for sales leads is incredible — if you do it right. Today we discuss the actual, real-world numbers behind conference sponsorship, so you can calculate the true cost/benefit ratio and potential ROI. We cover the tangible, budgetable costs you must consider, and help you determine how to make the numbers work. We describe in detail what you can expect for your money, plus how to prepare for the conference and maximize your results. All that, and it’s FREE RIDE FRIDAY!!! Sponsoring a conference may be well worth it for you, or it may not. There’s one way to find out: Click Play!