MBA859 How to Re-Launch a Product P1
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You’ve validated the idea. You’ve built the business. You’ve launched the product. Now comes possibly the most important part of all: RE-launching the product! Every successful business has to master the art of the relaunch (just look at how many iPhones have come out in the last few years). While initial launches are the most discussed— and maybe the most worried about— the relaunch tends to take a back seat. This super in-depth 2 part episode aims to fix that. While the first launch of an MVP (minimum viable product) is a foundational step and proof of your overall concept, relaunching is what allows your business to truly move forward! Your ability to innovate, to be responsive to customers, and to stay relevant are all on display. In this podcast, we show you how to build the buzz, stoke new levels of excitement in your established customer base, and attract new business. We offer a specific, step-by-actual-step formula for the ideal relaunch— the same process we’ll be using ourselves for the debut of…