MBA1045 Q&A Wednesday: What Is The #1 Skill I Should Work On as a New Entrepreneur?
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You’re just starting out as an entrepreneur. You know you’ll need versatile skills, but you can’t do everything well. If you’re gonna be a jack of several trades, which skill should you focus on most? Which ability will have the biggest impact on your chances of success? What’s the most important thing you can be good at? Today, we discuss the one skill that applies to everything an independent business person has to do. Necessary to survive in any industry, this one skill is non-negotiable. The time and effort it takes to hone this skill might just be the single best investment you can make in yourself. This skill makes your ideas understandable, and marketable. It enables networking and strong partnerships. It boosts sales, and helps you run your team effectively. It’s the all-around, hands-down, must-have skill for any entrepreneur worth their salt. Find out what this skill is, and how to cultivate it. Click Play!