MBA1041 How Small Gifts Can Make a Big Difference
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A little gift can go a long way. It’s not a bribe. It’s not an act of manipulation. It’s simply an expression of genuine appreciation for someone you’d like to work with. Today, we share how the simple psychology of gift-giving can forge business connections — and relationships — that open doors. When done thoughtfully and sincerely, a token of appreciation can create bonds that matter. It doesn’t have to be expensive, or impressive. It just has to be real. We discuss what kinds of gifts work, when they’re appropriate, and why gift-giving is a smart investment. With a little planned generosity, you can demonstrate yourself to be the entrepreneur people want in their circle, for the right reasons. Having been on the receiving end of some well-thought-out gifts ourselves, we know the difference between schmoozing and meaningful gestures. Learn the difference yourself, and see what opportunities it can create. Click Play!