MBA1079 The Importance of Ignoring Vanity Metrics
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Sit down for this one: your “likes” don’t matter. One of the easiest traps for entrepreneurs to fall into is chasing meaningless forms of validation. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, or how “big” your business is. What matters is whether you’re making progress towards your overarching goals. Unfortunately, distractions are around every corner. Real progress isn’t measured in hearts, or your number of employees, or even revenue alone. Real progress is something else. Today, we discuss how to stop obsessing over metrics that don’t matter. You have limited time and resources, and every second (and dollar) you spend chasing numbers that don’t promote growth is a mistake. Forget followers, earn fans. Forget size, and move forward. There are too many things you should focus on to bother with the superficial. Click Play!