MBA973 Guest Teacher: Jordan Harbinger – How to Build Relationships for a Rainy Day
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We’ve said it before, and it remains true: the relationships you build are the greatest asset you’ll ever have in business. Through ups and downs, from one business to another, your relationships are the one constant resource you can rely on — but only if your nurture and maintain them. As this week’s guest teacher, Jordan Harbinger, likes to say, “Dig the well before you’re thirsty.” If you reach out to someone for the first time when you need help, you’ve already waited too long. Instead, Harbinger is here to show us how to build relationships well in advance of getting anything out of them, by simply being a trustworthy, generous resource for everyone around you. Harbinger is a renowned expert in the art of networking and cultivating personal ties that reinforce your business. From his early days as a lawyer, he learned that relationships can be the scaffold of an entire career. As long as your intent is to build genuine ties — not to simply do favors to be rewarded later, the rewards are limitless. By…