Bonus: Guest Teacher Steve Glaveski – Selling to Big Corporates
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Surprise! This week we’ve got a special bonus episode featuring a special guest teacher! It’s Steve Glaveski, founder of and host of the Future Squared Podcast. If you’re running a business-to-business business, you know how hard it can be to land the big clients. Glaveski has secured deals with huge corporate partners— despite his own firm being a feisty little independent operation of only 6 people. Today, he’s stopping by to teach our listeners how it’s done. By identifying the right people and learning how to approach them, you can do what Glaveski does best: cut through the corporate red tape. Ingratiating yourself to decision makers, making the case for your product, and starting a lengthy and lucrative relationship with a major business is possible. You can navigate the layers of corporate structure and stand out from other applicants, and you can do it as an independent entrepreneur. Find out how, plus get a special free downloadable bonus! Click play!