MBA1069 How to Quit Your Job
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Ready to take the leap? Listen to this first. Leaving your 9-to-5 might be the biggest, most game-changing moment of an entrepreneur’s life. This is the moment in which you invest yourself fully into your independent goals, leaving the conventional life behind. It takes guts. It takes heart. But above all, it takes planning. Quitting your job should not be an impulse move. Today, we discuss how to transition carefully, thoughtfully, and intentionally. Our “exit strategy” starts well before you actually resign, setting you up to have the best possible chance of success on your own. With a little forethought, you can make the switch smoother, easier, and way less stressful. Our host Omar knows firsthand what it’s like to tell your boss that it’s time to part ways, having left his own career in education to create The $100 MBA. It took some sacrifices, and it took some adjustment, but it can be done. Learn how to prepare, how to talk to your current employer, and how to adjust to suddenly being your own boss.…