MBA1177 How To Validate a Course Before You Create It + Free Ride Friday!
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Online courses are one of the most lucrative products you can sell on the Internet. With price tags in the thousands, selling your expertise to knowledge-hungry customers is a proven business model, one that’s worked well for many an entrepreneur. But how do you know if there’s really an audience for what you’re teaching? Before you pour time and resources into an expensive product, how can you be sure people will want in? After all, there’s no shortage of how-to blogs, YouTube videos, books, and other resources to learn how to do something. Today, we discuss how to test the waters, and get genuine proof of concept before moving forward. We’ve got a step-by-step plan to find out if people will see your course as a wise investment. Follow these steps to find your niche, craft your course, and generate the kind of excitement that makes your fee pale in comparison to the value your course offers. Before you launch your course, listen to this. Click Play!