MBA1185 Q&A Wednesday: Should I share my religious beliefs as an entrepreneur?
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In business today, we don’t just sell our product. We sell ourselves. Personal branding, authentic connection with our audience, and sharing the journey is de rigueur for aspiring entrepreneurs. But where do we draw the line? It’s Q&A Wednesday, and we’ve got a doozy of a question from a listener who’s not sure whether to wear their faith on their sleeve, or keep it behind closed doors. It’s a challenging topic, and one of the most difficult questions we’ve had to answer. That said, it’s crucial to figure out exactly where your values fit into your business and public persona. As a founder, you’re a crucial part of your own marketing infrastructure. What parts of yourself you share will depend on the value these details add for your audience. Today, we discuss how to decide if your faith (or lack thereof) is something your customers will appreciate, or if it’s best to keep it between you and the almighty. Click Play!