MBA996 Advanced Email List Building P1
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In online business, email is everything. That’s no overstatement. Email remains the single most important tool you can use to turn website visitors into customers. Collecting addresses, starting the conversation, and nurturing your leads requires knowledge and strategy. Fortunately, we’ve got an in-depth, 2-part crash course on exactly how to build your list the right way. We’ve discussed the basics of list-building before. Now, we’re getting down to specifics. We’ve got the details on techniques you can use to acquire leads, convert them, and move them down the funnel. From opti-ins to segmentation to onboarding, this is the email primer you need. Be sure to tune in to Part 2 tomorrow. When it’s all over, you’ll be ready to tackle email marketing and sales like never before. Learn the techniques, apply them, and let your list do what it’s supposed to: generate revenue. Click Play!