MBA1104 How to Quickly Create Tutorials for Your Product
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When it comes to keeping customers, onboarding is everything. Getting your customers immediately engaged with your product is key to reducing churn and getting a return on all your marketing and advertising investment. It’s also key to creating evangelists for your brand, as new customers become repeat customers and convince others to join them. You don’t just need buyers — you need users. And you can’t have users without tutorials. Today, we’ll show you how to quickly, efficiently create bare-bones, minimum viable tutorials that get the job done. No fancy effects, no bells or whistles — just fast, effective resources that’ll get your customers using your product and reaping the benefits. These tutorials are built for speed, without sacrificing efficacy. With our tips, you can put your entire library of tutorials together in a day or two (or less!). These tutorials don’t require new website pages or a massive budget to create. They just require a (very) little time, a little know-how, and some of the helpful…